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Live support via the Internet

Lots of problems can be resolved using our customised remote-access software that allows us to take control of your server or PC through a secure Internet connection.

Our easy-to-use remote desktop application allows you to watch everything that's happening so you stay in complete control and gives you the opportunity to interact with out engineer in a "live" environment (this is great if you need to explain the problem or demonstrate where assistance is needed).

This allows us to work on your systems and fix problems as if we were physically on-site.

Remote assistance benefits include:

  • Simple to use interactive desktop sessions
  • Faster initial support response (cuts out the need for travel time)
  • Firewall / Proxy transparent
  • Invitation only option (you control access)
  • File transfer from your PC to our engineer or office

To find out how a CCT support contract can benefit your organisation, just give us a call.

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Some of our support clients:

Environment Agency

Hull FC


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