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Preventative medicine for your business IT

Historically IT support companies have provided mainly reactive support based on a break fix basis.

Businesses are becoming ever more reliant on IT, so whilst we still respond reactively we now also provide a number of solutions for proactive support.

A proactive approach and preventative maintenance can greatly reduce the risk of problems occurring and decrease the time taken to resolve any unforeseen issue.

The key solution we have implemented is Kaseya Managed Services. The Kaseya framework can manage your IT infrastructure, network components, servers, and users' desktop PCs - remotely, comprehensively and transparently.

Kaseya Managed Services can provide the following features:

  • Automated recurring Hardware and Software Inventory and System Audits
  • Fully automated Patch Management
  • Cross Platform Support (PC and MAC)
  • Fully automated and scheduled Software Deployment and System Management
  • LAN Discovery
  • System monitoring and alerts Proactive Windows Event monitoring and alerts
  • Secure Remote Control
  • Secure FTP, Chat and Message Broadcasting
  • Comprehensive, Integrated Management Reporting

We have been using this solution to monitor and support our customers servers for a considerable period and are confident it can provide a level of consistent proactive support which will benefit your business.

For details of our Kaseya Managed Services, contact us.

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