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CCT Infotech are proud resellers of Vertical’s Wave IP500 Systems.

Wave goodbye to the per-user license fees and say hello to the Vertical Wave IP 500. The industries only true hybrid solution with both full IP and digital functionality all on one server so you can easily migrate from digital to the latest IP phones, as you need them.

Wave IP 500 comes with fully functioning Unified Communications (UC) capabilities, which include things such as: - Collaboration, Presence management, and mobility applications that are easy to use and deploy. All Wave IP 500 applications are available at no extra cost and are ready to use with a single user license with every Wave IP system.

We understand that choosing the right telephone system is a careful and important investment, which is why getting the right solution for you is critical to the efficiency of a business. The Wave 500 system is an advanced all-in-one box product, which offers many more features than your average telephone system. Wave 500 boasts on simplicity in terms of manageability and usability.

This award winning solution offers clients much more than just a telephone handset. You’re able to integrate your telephone with your computer and your mobile device*, this means you’ll always be connected without being sat at your desktop. The Wave 500 server itself is rack-mountable meaning that it can easily be installed into your existing communications cabinet if you wanted it out of the way. There are many features of the Wave IP 500, which you may find beneficial to your company.

Some of the features included with your Wave IP 500 Server:

Call Recording & Logging
You can specify which calls are recorded, whose calls are recorded and who can access these recorded calls all via a visual voicemail interface on your computer. All calls are logged and each user has access to their own call log.

Call Management Interface
Don’t just rely on your phone to tell you who is calling! Now with the ViewPoint desktop application you can do many features your handset can do and more! The ViewPoint application allows users to view active calls, make and receive, transfer, conference and much more. From ViewPoint you can see the status of other user extensions, send them instant messages. ViewPoint allows you to easily manage calls and requires little to no training at all – It’s that simple to use.

ViewPoint Mobile
This is a cut-down version of the desktop app but for mobile. This app allows you to be mobile whilst also being available at your extension. You can send instant messages, make calls (via your telephone system) and listen to your voicemail whilst on the go.

Real-time Presence and Status
ViewPoint allows you to set the availability of you or others. Users will be able to see by looking at your status whether you’re free or not. Why waste time calling extensions when you know they’re not there?

Visual Voicemail
No more having to use your handset to get access to your voicemail. You can now access visual voicemail via ViewPoint and have it play through your speakers or telephone. You can even forward the voicemail to other contacts as an attachment if you required.

Integrated Softphone
Don’t have a handset? No problem! – With the ViewPoint Softphone you can easily make and receive calls using a headset and a computer.

Remote Workers
Have someone who works out of the office? With the Edge-5000i 24G handsets you’re able to link in with the office as an extension and have calls route through the main system as if you’re sat on the same network. Have more than one site? It’s also possible to interlink sites with several Wave servers making you virtually one system**.

Microsoft Exchange Integration (Wave Mail)
Synchronise your Outlook contacts with your ViewPoint contacts (Compatible with Exchange 2007/2010).

Call via SIP (Internet Calls)
Stop using the traditional way of making calls via analogue or ISDN. SIP calls over the Internet are a cheaper way of making calls to local, mobiles and international calls. The benefit of SIP is that you can save money on line rental and price per minute making overall costs lower than standard ISDN.

Find that you’re not always sat at your desk when you’re in the office? With the Wave 500 solution you’re able to sit at any phone with Viewpoint and have your calls directed to that station.

Auto Attendants
Use auto attendants to setup a switchboard custom to your business. With the auto attendant you can specific how calls are routed at certain times of the day. To compliment these, you can create your own voice prompts or import professionally made ones - We work with Sara Mendes da Costa who is the voice of the BT Speaking Clock to deliver perfect, professional prompts to your Wave IP 500 System.

ViewPoint for Mobile App
Vertical’s Wave ViewPoint Mobile application – the only mobility solution that comes standard – delivers the Wave IP 500’s advanced Unified Communication features anywhere you need to be on both Android and iOS-based devices.

What is ViewPoint?
ViewPoint is the Desktop/Laptop application, which will run alongside your other programs such as Outlook. ViewPoint can stay open in the background and will provide notifications of calls and voicemails in additional to your handset. ViewPoint is a go-to product, which enables to a user to perform many tasks such as configuration call rules, setting voice titles and greetings, managing extension statuses and much more.

ViewPoint also allows you to configure email notifications so that when you get a voicemail you will be notified by email. You can chose whether that voicemail gets send as an attachment along with the email allowing you to access that voicemail whilst you’re not in the office.

This application has been designed to look like a familiar product, Microsoft Outlook. The reason for this is to enable the user to become quickly familiar with the layout and to help them navigate the application.

From ViewPoint you can also configure call forwarding, call supervision and monitoring. This is handy if you ever need to train someone on the phones. Monitoring allows you to listen in on calls, whereas supervision allows you to listen in on calls and speak with your colleague.


The Edge 9800 series is Vertical's newest and most advanced family of high-quality audio phones, supporting hundreds of IP-based functions and features.

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The Edge 5000 series is designed to bring simplicity and expandability to businesses whilst controlling costs. These series of IP phones for Vertical Wave address the needs of everyday users, as well as the high demands of executive and global communicators.

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For your free, no obligation demo contact us at getwave@cctinfotech.co.uk or call us on 01482 647044. Finance options available***

*Requires iOS or Android Device
**Requires Additional Licenses
***Subject to status and availability

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